Interacting with a Public Node

Using the available APIs to interact with public nodes


The RPC interface, RESTful interface, and WebSocket interface of the Ontology node follow a set of public interface specifications.

By default, the RESTful interface listens on port 20334, the WebSocket interface listens on port 20335, and the RPC interface listens on port 20336.

Using public nodes

It is inconvenient for developers to run their own nodes. Therefore, the Ontology blockchain provides the Polaris test network node and the Ontology main network node for developers to use, all supporting RPC, RESTful, and WebSocket calls, and using the default port number.

HTTPS is supported in port 10334 of Polaris TestNet node and Ontology MainNet node

Polaris TestNet

The public Ontology polaris test network nodes:

If you want to develop on a Polaris test network, you can apply for test ONG here.

Ontology MainNet

The public Ontology main network nodes:

A private node can also be set up on the local machine. This can be done by directly compiling and running the source code, but for the convenience of developers, Ontology provides a method to directly download and run a private node. Please follow this link to find the guide.

To find the methods and relevant details on the aforementioned APIs, please follow this link.

For the Rosetta node API reference please follow this link.

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