Ecosystem Programs

Ontology's Community programs

Ontology announces various programs time to time that are open to all.

These programs can be treated as a good opportunity to contribute to the Ontology framework and gain rewards, or to get acquainted with the development framework itself. This also gives an opportunity to the relatively new users of Ontology to interact with the existing large and extensive developer community.

Here are some programs mentioned below that students, developers and enthusiasts alike are all encouraged and invited to be a part of.

Ontology Bounty Program

Please follow this link for more details regarding the bounty program.

Ontology Global University Workshop

A workshop tour across institutes of higher studies across the United States of America.

Please follow this link to find out the schedule, and this link to find out further details.

Global Talents program

A talent hunt program intended to allow students to learn more about blockchain and contribute to Ontology.

Please read this article for more details.

dApp program

Developers can submit the dApps that they have developed using Ontology using this link.

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