Cross-chain reputation and credit evaluation protocol


OScore is a protocol that takes transactional data and assigns a score with the ability to objectively assess the reputation of an account based on specific criteria to the associated ONT ID (or any other DID based implementation) account and addresses based on on-chain behaviour such as:

  1. Asset exchange volume

  2. Smart contract association

  3. Historical holdings

  4. Existing credit history

The data points that the OScore algorithm takes can be modified and customized depending on the application, platform, or ecosystem. So each application can have a different algorithm to calculate the customized score for addresses and IDs in their ecosystem.



Assets and on-chain activity from multiple chains can be linked under discrete IDs


Light, API-based plugin for quick integration, SDKs for native integration

Security and Privacy

Selective and minimal disclosure of data and attributes


A few examples of how users enabling OScore will benefit both the users and the platforms that integrate ONT ID would be:

Credit Score

  • Users can redeem credit benefits on DeFi platforms and other credit based services. Here the user can voluntarily produce a reliability quotient in the form of credentials. The platform can determine and confirm the same as the data that is processed by the algorithm is open and public, making the mechanism entirely trustless.

Anti-sybil System

  • Platforms can integrate a lightweight OScore web plugin (or API) and incentivize users to go through a verification process that consists of different levels of due diligence that a user needs to complete in order to unlock or access specific features and participate in certain campaigns. E.g., ICOs and air drops. Here the privacy of the user is protected as only the necessary information is shared with the platform, and the platform can maximize their reach using compliance.

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