Introduction to Ontology

An upgrade of Ontology MainNet at the block height of 13920000 will introduce EVM compatibility and the token decimal upgrade to better support dApps on Ontology. Learn about more details here.

Ontology is a next-gen network of public blockchains, and a distributed, trust-based collaboration platform with integrated support for ledger accounts and smart contracts.

Apart from providing support for the services and applications running on its public chains, Ontology also supports the public chains of the applications that have been developed on it's framework, and collaboration with various protocol groups.

On a more fundamental level, Ontology continues to provide a wide range of universal modules, such as the Distributed Identity Framework (DID), the distributed Distributed Data Exchange Framework (DDXF), and other such distributed trust collaboration packages and modules.

This documentation center serves as a guide for developers that are just getting started with dApp development with Ontology, apart from providing information on the different components of the Ontology framework.

It also serves as a location to explore and understand all the different resources available that can assist developers with their application development process.

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