Chrome Plugin provider
Cyano Chrome plugin
The Chrome provider has been implemented using the ontology-ts-sdk. The chrome wallet plugin, namely Cyano wallet, packages the chrome provider .
The plugin can be downloaded using this link, or the installation package can be downloaded directly from Github by following this link.
Once installed and set up a plethora of dApps can be accessed by following this link.
To address certain security concerns, all the users are advised to appropriately divide their assets among hot and cold wallets.

  • Creating a new account
  • Importing and exporting keystore files
  • Access an account using a hexadecimal private key
  • Access an account using the WIF format private key
  • Restore an account using mnemonics phrase

  • Create a new identity
  • Access an identity using a hexadecimal private key
  • Access an identity using the WIF format private key

  • ONT token balance
  • ONG token balance
  • OEP-4 token protocol

  • Main net
  • Polaris test net
  • Private net
  • Local node

  • Ledger
  • Trezor

Registering a new identity or account expends 0.01 ONG, therefore, please ensure that the wallet account at least has 0.01 ONG balance.
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