Digital Wallet

Ontology's open source wallet - Cyano

Cyano wallet is intended towards being able to connect the decentralized internet of the future and allowing it's users easy access to Ontology.

By using Cyano wallet, one can open the door to a rich variety of dApps that are a part of the Ontology ecosystem. The essential detail here is that the app user's private key is stored securely in the wallet and does not need to be shared with the dApps.

Cyano as a framework can be understood as being available in two different forms: Provider SDK and the dAPI that dApps would integrate, generally speaking.

Provider SDK

On the technical implementation end, wallets can provide standardized Provider instances for dApp calls by integrating the Provider SDK. Irrespective of whether the SDK is integrated by a PC version or a mobile version wallet, Ontology has provided the relevant Provider SDK for the wallets to integrate and utilize.

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