SDK integration

Use one of Ontology's SDKs to integrate the platform

Wallet apps that integrate Ontology's SDK can use Explorer API to carry out digital asset related operations and transactions, and account management functions.

SDK usage

Ontology's SDK acts as the bridge of communication between application programs and the Ontology network.

To cater to different needs of developers, Ontology provides SDKs for multiple languages that are all based on a standard development specification.

After successfully integrating the SDK, a wallet can perform the following functions:

  • Communicate and interact with Ontology blockchain

  • Create and maintain accounts.

  • Generate and manipulate assets, including primary, and OEP-4, OEP-5, OEP-8 based assets.

  • Realize a digital identity.

  • Node staking.

Please follow the links specified below to navigate to language specific SDK usage instructions and reference:

Explorer API

Explorer API has been made available for developers, institutions, and cryptocurrency exchange platforms to enable them to query transaction and account related information from the Ontology blockchain.

Currently, the following can be queried to fetch information from the chain:

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