Mobile Wallet Integration

For wallets that want to connect to the Ontology platform

Considering mobile wallets, there are two levels of integration which wallets can employ based on functional requirements:

  • Asset Docking: For wallets that intend to support ONT/ONG based transactions along with being able to support OEP-4 transfers.

  • Provider SDK: For wallets that intend to be able to support and launch the wide variety of Ontology's dApps.

After completing integration on both the levels, event based integration can be carried out.

Whether the integration was completed successfully or not can be tested by using the polaris test network. Once confirmed, the application can be deployed on the main-net.

Asset Docking

Asset docking is the foundation of mobile wallet integration process. A wallet app that integrates Ontology's SDK, paired with Explorer API can carry out digital asset manipulation and account management operations. This would suffice to cater to the asset management needs of a large majority of Ontology user community.

Provider SDK integration

After integrating the above SDK in order to perform asset related functions, developers may choose to integrate the Provider SDK.

Since all the dApps that are part of the Ontology ecosystem adhere to a unified standard, a wallet app that integrates the provider SDK can become a launching platform for Ontology dApps, thereby eliminating the need to integrate them one by one and making the deployment process a lot more efficient.

Integrating the Provider SDK would allow the wallet to carry out login, make transfers, and invoke smart contracts using the following channels:

  • QR codes

  • From within the mobile wallet application

  • Accessing the web version

  • waking the wallet app from within other applications

Currently, the following wallets are compatible with Ontology's dAPI and can serve as providers:

After completing the integration process, access the following links from the wallet to test whether the integration was successful or not:

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