Software Development Kits for developers

Ontology has made available SDKs for various popular programming languages to enable developers to start developing applications and software which is distributed in nature and uses the blockchain framework to realize their business logic. All the SDKs conform to Ontology's development specifications.

The SDKs encapsulates encryption algorithms, communication APIs, and other smart contract development tools. It acts as a bridge between the application and the Ontology network.

Characteristics of SDK development

In terms of implementation, all the SDKs support the following basic functions:

  • Wallet file administration and management

  • Digital identity administration

  • Digital asset administration

  • Smart contract deployment and invocation

  • Blockchain based token management and exchange

SDK libraries

Currently, the following SDKs are available publicly for developers to employ. Please follow the respective links to find the relevant libraries.

The TypeScript, Go, and Java SDKs conform to the new ONT ID 2.0 specifications. Follow this link to refer to the updated specifications.

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