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TestNet Tokens

Ontology TestNet has been made available for public use to facilitate developers in their dApp development process. It can be used to deploy and test run smart contracts before actually deploying them on the MainNet.

The deployment and execution process consumes gas on the TestNet as well. TestNet tokens can be applied for by following this link.

Ontology Trust Ecosystem


ONTO serves as Ontology's primary digital wallet application. It currently supports asset and identity management. Users can expect claim management to be a part of ONTO's functionality in future updates.

Features in the current release-

  • Node Staking - Stake ONT and earn ONG

  • Access to airdrop events in Candy Box

  • Support for assets from multiple platforms such as ONT, NEO, ETH and Kakao

  • Access to variety of dApps in the dApp store

  • Registering a new ONT ID

To download ONTO, please follow this link.

Ontology Authenticator

Ontology Authenticator is a claim management tool that doubles up as a signing server useful for developers, available as a mobile application.

Features in the latest release-

  • Registering a new ONT ID and account management

  • Claim Management - Creating new claims and claim endorsement by witnesses

  • Functions as a signing server for claims

To download ONT Authenticator, please follow this link.


OWallet is Ontology's digital wallet desktop client.

Features in the latest release-

  • General wallet management and shared wallet support using multi signature technology

  • Account management and ledger support

  • Node stake management

  • ONT ID - Identity management

To download OWallet, please follow this link.


The public trust verifier system from Ontology that facilitates monitoring blockchain activity.

The Explorer can fetch transaction, entity, smart contract, and block related data using identifiers such as a transaction hash, ONT ID, contract hash, block height, etc.

To access the Explorer, please follow this link.

Deploy a Node

There are three different classifications of Ontology nodes:

Triones node | Ontology MainNet

Triones nodes are bookkeeping nodes that participate in the network consensus, and must be voted in by user staking of ONT, after applying to be a consensus node. For more incentive and consensus related information, click here.

Synchronization node | Ontology MainNet / Polaris TestNet

Synchronization nodes do not participate in network consensus, and only synchronize the blocks generated by the Triones (bookkeeping) nodes.

Single node | Ontology Privatenet / Polaris TestNet

Ontology supports single node network deployment for development in a private testing environment.

Follow this link for a guide on how to deploy a node.


Introductory White Paper

Technical White Paper

Ecosystem White Paper

Framework White Paper

Infrastructure White Paper

Trust Framework White Paper

Become a Trust Anchor

Trust anchors are entities that are a part of Ontology's distributed identity network and provide credential verification services for other users in the trust network. The role of a trust anchor can be played by anyone from individuals to government institutes and organizations.

For more details on trust anchors and how to become a trust anchor, please follow this link.

Submit a dApp

Ontology appreciates and supports innovation. If you have developed a dApp or are in the process of developing one and are looking to get it listed on the community dApp store, please follow this link.

Business Collaboration

Businesses that are looking into blockchain based solutions for their businesses and wish to collaborate with Ontology can get in touch with us here.

Join us

Interested individuals can apply for positions at Ontology by following this link.

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