Offline Judge

An arbitrator to help resolve disputes off-chain

An arbitration consists of the following:

  • Arbitrator

  • Arbitration scheme

  • Execution result/outcome

  • Arbitration contract

The resource arbitrator proposes the arbitration of data. The arbitrator queries the required arbitration data according to the API provided by the Marketplace, and publishes the execution results as per the arbitration scheme in the signed arbitration contract.

Arbitration Process

The order data necessary for arbitration is fetched through the API provided by the marketplace, the arbitrator determines the success and failure of the arbitration according to the arbitration contract, and performs the contract on-chain operation. The required parameters are passed through the API provided by marketplace and return the QR code string.

After the arbitration is completed, the funds will be automatically sent to the wallets of both parties (demand and provider) according to the results. The two parties can also query the order status (including the arbitration result) using the marketplace API.

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