Unity 3D applications

Integrating Ontology's dAPI in Unity based games

Unity 3D is an integrated cross-platform game engine that is used to build interactive 3D games, animations, visualizations, 3D models, etc.

Generally speaking, blockchain platform integration is carried out after the game clears it's development phase. Ontology provides two swift methods of integrating blockchain technology in Unity based games: dAPI, and SDK based integration.

  • Integrating dAPI using the Cyano wallet Chrome plugin. These games must be compiled and rendered using Web GL. Here's a demo for web based games: https://github.com/ontio-community/unity-dapi-demo

  • Integrating dAPI via the PC version of the wallet. The game must be PC compatible to be able to implement this method of integration.

  • Integrating dAPI using the C# SDK. This method can be used for games that are mobile based, as well as other platforms. Demo code: https://github.com/ontio-community/unity-demo

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