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Integration and Usage

Example apps

Install and import package

via NPM package
npm i ontlogin
import {createAuthRequest} from "ontlogin";
via js bundle
<script src="ontlogin.min.js"></script>
import {createAuthRequest} from "ontlogin.es.js";

Generate authRequest and challenge

import { createAuthRequest } from "ontlogin";
const authRequest = createAuthRequest();
const challenge = await fetch("server-url", { body: authRequest });

Get QR code from ontlogin QR server.

import { requestQR } from "ontlogin";
const { text, id } = await requestQR(challenge);

Show QR code UI and query scan result from ontlogin QR server

import { queryQRResult, cancelQueryQRResult, ErrorEnum } from "ontlogin";
try {
const challengeResponse = await queryQRResult(id);
} catch (e) {
if (e.message === ErrorEnum.UserCanceled) {
// handle cancel
} else {
// handle error
cancelQueryQRResult(); // Cancel fetching result if you need.

Submit challenge response to your server

fetch("server-url", { body: challengeResponse });
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