ONT Login

ONT Login is a decentralized universal authentication login component that helps developers shield the details of authentication implementation, and can quickly bring a Web 3.0 secure login experience to enterprises and services.

Currently users need to log into your service via DIDs developeeONT ID. In future it will be possible to log in with wallet addresses directly.


  • Trustless: Authenticate user data securely with decentralized identities.

  • Self-Sovereign: Users store identity information locally and authorize services to access when needed.

  • Passwordless: Users do not need to set up and memorize complex passwords.

  • End-user Convenient: One-time personal information validation can be used in multiple services anytime.

  • Multi-Language: Provide front-end JavaScript SDK, and back-end Golang/Java SDK for quick integration.

  • High Compatibility: Support traditional Internet services and different blockchain systems including public chains and alliance chains. Support DID protocols on multiple chains and various signature schemes.

  • Secure Process: challenge-response authentication mode and digital signature technology ensure the security of the authentication process.

Increase User Engagement

The username and password authentication mechanism requires users to spend considerable efforts to maintain passwords to avoid vulnerabilities. Authentication is usually the first step that a digital property designs for a user engagement journey. Active users also need to log in once in a while when they interact with your product. Hence, authentication plays a crucial part in user engagement.

ONT Login provides a smoother user login experience. Users can verify their email, phone number, etc. once in the decentralized identity wallet to obtain relevant credentials. When logging into a service, users can directly show the credentials, eliminating the cumbersome steps of multiple verification.

Enhance User Data Security

Many people today have multiple digital identities for various scenarios, and tend to use the same password for different services. If one service is compromised, then accesses to other services are also at risk. At the same time, many services require users to bind personal information such as phone number and social accounts. Users do not know if the information is kept safe.

ONT Login adopts the challenge-response authentication method based on decentralized identity and digital signature technology. The authentication mechanism also helps avoid the risk of server collision with the database, and improve user information security. Furthermore, only users have direct access to their personal data, which largely decreases the chance of data breach.

Decrease Data Management Effort

With ONT Login you are free from the annoyance of handling sensitive user personal information, usernames and passwords, hence save the effort of dealing with related regulations.

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