Development Guides

Basic tutorials for developing with Ontology

The following guides have been built with the sole purpose of giving developers, and explorers alike, a foundational understanding of how the different tools and elements of the Ontology framework connect, and work with each other using practical examples and sample code.

The guides assume a certain level of understanding of the distributed development environment, apart from the basic knowledge of certain tools such as Git and Shell script.

At the end of each guide, you will have at least an entry level understanding of the respective component or process that the guide targets. We hope this will suffice to break the ice and significantly increase your development efficiency in terms of employing and implementing the Ontology framework and developing distributed applications.

The developers looking to integrate ONT ID or those who intend to use the ONT ID protocol in their applications, we recommend taking a look at the new ONT 2.0 specification.

ONT ID management contract API reference is available here.

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