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Solo Chain

Deploying a local private node
Solo-chain is a desktop application tool that the developers can use directly without having to install any development environment components or dependencies to create, run, and manage a private chain on the local network.
Solo-chain GUI
It is packaged with Electron and comes with an intuitive GUI design that makes setting up and managing all the different aspects of running a private Ontology node instance a lot more convenient.

Features and characteristics

Solo-chain allows the developer to achieve the following:
  • Start, stop, and restart the private node instance
  • Integrates all of the RPC, Restful and Websocket interfaces that are a part of the TestNet and the MainNet
  • Facilitates inter-account transfers and claims
  • Detailed block, transaction, and event monitoring for debugging
  • Maintains a list of the deployed smart contracts
  • Verbose network activity logging
  • Customizable network configurations, such as the ability to adjust gas price
To download the latest version of Solo-chain, please follow this link.
Last modified 1yr ago