Using ONT ID

How to use ONT ID in applications

Ontology's decentralized identity protocol ONT ID can be used to develop decentralized identity management systems for applications.

For more details regarding ONT ID, please refer to the following section.

We recommend developers to glance over ONT ID specifications to get a better understanding of the technical architecture.

The ONT ID protocol has been implemented on the Ontology chain using native smart contracts. API methods can be invoked to carry out ONT ID related actions such as registration, cancellation, attribute modification, etc.

Please follow the link below to navigate to the ONT ID contract API reference.

Various ONT ID functions and operations can be integrated using the public SDKs provided by Ontology.

Currently, the Java, Golang, and Typescript SDKs support the updated ONT ID 2.0 specifications. For the rest of the SDKs that for now support ONT ID 1.0 can be accessed using the link below.

We encourage and value any contributions that are made by community developers to the SDKs for other languages. Support for ONT ID 2.0 allows the developer community to integrate this safe and decentralized identity management protocol to the their respective applications swiftly and conveniently .